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Start working with an company that provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect with customers, and increase sales montes.

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Audience Network delivers smarter mobile monetization

Flexible, high-performing formats

Easily integrate custom native ads that fit your design.

Quality, native-enabled demand

Access Facebook's network of global advertisers.

Advanced people-based marketing

Integrate highly-targeted ads that match the interests of your audience.

Ready to dive in?

Discover how Audience Network can help you build a long-term sustainable business.

For publishers

Improve monetization opportunities with better ad experiences that help drive engagement and value.

For developers

Easily implement native ads that match the look and feel of original content that increases ad revenue without interrupting your experience.

For advertisers

Extend the reach of your Facebook campaigns off Facebook to other third-party apps and websites.

Monetization improved

Access Facebook advertisers

Big brands and local businesses want to reach more of the people they care about. We give you access to global Facebook advertisers who want to scale their campaigns and extend their reach beyond Facebook.

Higher quality ads drive better results

Ads that people care about drive better results for advertisers, which means more ad revenue for publishers. With powerful people-based marketing you can deliver high quality ads that match the interests of your audience, preserving the consumer's experience and improving monetization.

Integrate native ads that increase engagement and revenue

Native ads can be integrated quicker than you think. Easily integrate native ads that work with your user flow and match the look and feel of your mobile property. Native ads can also deliver more engagement, greater retention and higher CPMs.

We make it simple to start getting paid

Once your ad placements are ready, simply publish your mobile property, setup your payment info and you're all set. Get paid in a matter of weeks.

Success Stories

See how leading publishers are increasing revenue while improving user experience with Audience Network.

Ready to get started?

Start monetizing with Audience Network.

Developer Resources

For implementation guides, technical documents and more, please visit Facebook for Developers